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Alliance Abroad is designed to streamline and optimize each candidate’s application process, irrespective of the destination university, course applied to or the level of study. The ACS team comprises professionals with access to the highest strata for Indian and foreign education and the expertise create life-altering opportunities for the candidates. Our distinct advantage lies in the fact that we fully understand the complexities of study-abroad process. Our service is customized on a client-specific basis, as flexibility and individual awareness are necessitated by the nature of our work. We offer our Admissions Counseling Services under two domains:

We understand that applying to a university or school miles away is not a cake walk. It takes a whole lot of your time, research and prudence at every step, right from selecting the perfect universities to suit your needs (and whose needs you suit!) to the much erratic visa process. We streamline your international application process by helping you take each step, right and on time.

Our Premium ACS team consists of:

  • Highly qualified professionals who understand the process inside-out
  • Several members who have actually studied abroad
  • ¬†Educators and Counselors who are uniquely positioned to walk you through the entire process of applying abroad

You and we, together take these steps when we go about your application process:

  • Profiling/Selecting universities
  • Editing essays, SOPs, LORs, etc and Resume building
  • Application Assistance
  • Interview Preparation
  • Visa counseling
  • Seminars and Information Sessions

Profiling/Selecting universities

We understand that you want nothing but the best for yourself. So we lead you towards it. From the plethora of schools, our experienced Admission Counselors help you shortlist the ones that match your profile and of course, your preference, to the extent possible.

We classify the schools into ‘Dream schools’ – where you stand less than or up to 50% chances of obtaining admission, ‘Reach schools’ – you have fairly good chances i.e. 50 to 80 % chances and ‘Safe schools’ – these are the safety nets in which you fall with more than 80% chances of admission.

What we do is a reality check – a check of your scores, credentials, work experiences, your stature as compared to other applicants, etc. Based on this, we give you a short list of schools, categorically (as in dream, reach and safe). Our counselors help you in the decision making, by doing the much tedious research for you, furnishing with the pros and cons of applying to a particular school and also answering your queries, on all issues and at all times. The final discretion in selecting the schools is yours.

Editing essays, SOPs, LORs and building your resume

Your resume is the first document in line for creating an impression on the Admissions Committee. It should be crisp and clear, incorporating the relevant information about you. We help you make the perfect resume for creating that positive first impression on the Admissions Committee.

Your application essays and statements of purpose (SOPs) become your alter-ego in front of the Admissions Committees! Well drafted essays highlight your self awareness level and help you build a case for studying at that particular school. These are instrumental in helping the Admissions Committee gauge your suitability and weighing up whether you are ready for study at their particular school. Essays for Undergraduate applicants and B-School applicants can be on a variety of highly demanding topics ranging from something as simple as ‘What are your career plans?’ to something as insightful as ‘Write a review on your favorite book.’ Our Editing Consultants help you sail through these essays and SOPs smoothly, by magnifying your strengths and toning down your weaknesses. They help you make your essays and SOPs as individualistic and convincing as possible to maximize the probability of getting you into the best schools.

Application Filling

Application forms could be simple as well as complex. When it comes to the latter lot, our Admission Counselors tell you what goes in the application and what doesn’t, and where. We let you know everything there is to know about the applications. And after you are done, we review your application, for errors, if any. You send your applications only after you are sure that it is devoid of all inconsistencies and errors. Also, we help you write to-the-point cover letters. We know how important the applications are. So we leave no room for any benefits of doubt.

Interview Preparation

Our Interview Trainers train you to walk-the-talk, that is, come across to the interview panel as good and polished as your written documents. Through the mock face-to-face interview sessions as well as telephonic interviews, they monitor your verbal as well as non-verbal communication skills, your overall personality, motivation and confidence and give you their valuable feedback and suggestions to iron away creases, if any. They train you to walk well, as well as talk well!

Visa Counseling

When you get that long awaited call from one of the coveted schools, you get mixed feelings – of happiness for getting selected and of anxiety, as you are looking forward to the unpredictable visa issues. The content of the communication between the student and the visa officer is quite critical. Imagine successfully applying to several outstanding institutions and gaining admission to them, only to falter at the last hurdle – the visa application process!!

Our Visa Counseling Service has designed a unique ‘360 degree Approach’, wherein a credible case is developed for the student regarding how a university in the U.S. is an appropriate intermediate destination en route to a successful career in India. There are a myriad of value-added elements included in our Visa Counseling Service, such as the advisory on the selection of relevant documents, and on the appropriate presentation of finances. The Head of our Visa Counseling department was heading the visa section of the US embassy at retirement.

Seminars and Information Sessions

You never fall short of admission and university related queries when applying to the universities abroad. Available information on internet and elsewhere is overwhelming and pretty much answers your queries. But how about the first-hand information straight from the Admission Director of the university you are applying to! The Princeton Review organizes exclusive seminars and information sessions for you in liaison with the foreign universities; so that you may have access to the most reliable information and can have your doubts clarified pertaining to any stage of the application process of the concerned university. These interactive sessions are conducted by the Admission Directors of the top universities and the audience (amongst you) is selected, either on the basis of the merit of their profiles or on ‘first-come, first-serve’ basis.

PUACS is that division of our Admissions Counseling Service where the Alliance Abroad has official representation or is in partnership with foreign universities to send students to them. We assist the student with applications to only specific universities which we officially represent.

Salient features of PUACS

  • Large number of partnerships with universities ranging from USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Holland, Canada, Singapore etc.
  • Vast range of undergraduate and graduate courses offered through our tie-ups.

Unique services like resume-building, editing of Statements of Purpose, Essays, Letters of Recommendation, etc

Absolutely FREE!

  • Nominal registration charges of Rs 250 only.
  • Visa Counseling Service – Absolutely FREE!
  • Complete application guidance – Absolutely FREE!