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faq’s Newzealand

Fees are determined by the individual institution concerned. One year’s fees (or the total fee for courses of less than one year) must be paid before a visa will be issued or a permit extended if a further course is to be undertaken for students studying at tertiary level.

Fees must be paid in internationally acceptable, convertible currency. An institution may refund fees to a student who withdraws from a course. The refund must not exceed the difference between the total amount paid and the cost of the course up to the time of withdrawal.

Private training establishments must provided every prospective student with a written statement of the total course cost and other financial commitments associated with each course of study or training before accepting that student’s enrolment. Students enrolled for courses of study or training before accepting that student’s enrolment. Students enrolled for courses of study or training at a private training establishment may withdraw from the course at any time within seven days after the first day of the course and receive a partial fee refund.

A written guarantee of accommodation is required before a student visa can be granted. Some institutions may be able to arrange residential accommodation for students who are not staying with relatives or friends. However, you may wish to arrange accommodation for yourself. You should indicate whether or not you want assistance in finding accommodation when you apply to the institution.

Your dependants, who may include a spouse, de facto spouse, fiancé , and children, may accompany you to New Zealand or join you later. They must apply for and meet the normal requirements for the type of visa requested (visitor, work, or student). School aged dependants will be required to pay full fees for enrolment in primary and secondary courses of study.

Your spouse can apply for a work visa only if you are doing a post graduate course in NZ or you are studying a course towards qualifications in Long term Skill Shortage List.

If you wish to transfer to another course or institution, you must apply to the New Zealand Immigration Service to obtain a variation to your student permit, specifying the course and institution and, if appropriate, the extended validity of the permit.
Note: The New Zealand Immigration Service will revoke a student permit if an international student withdraws from a course of study at an institution.

You may jeopardise your immigration status in New Zealand as you were originally granted a student visa to study a particular course. Any request for a change of course of study would mean a re-assessment of your application.

Some formal courses of study include a requirement to complete up to three years course-related work experience. The training provider will try to help you find suitable employment. There is some flexibility on how this employment may be obtained, e.g. suitable post-education work or the possibility of doing the work experience in your home country (under qualified supervision).

Variation of Conditions: Students undertaking a full time diploma or degree course that takes at least two academic years to complete, and students undertaking a full-time course of study that would attract points under the General Skills category of Residence policy, may be allowed to work up to 20 hours per week. To do this you must request a ‘Variation of Conditions’ to your study permit after beginning the course of study. No application form or fee is required for this Variation of Conditions. If your student permit is for more than 12 months you may apply for a Variation of Conditions to work over the Christmas and New Year Holidays. No offer of employment is required. You will need to pay a Variation of Conditions fee.

If you have completed a polytechnic or university qualification that has a minimum completion time of three years, you may apply for a work permit that allows you to work up to a maximum of two years. An offer of employment relevant to your qualifications is required. Further information on student visa applications can be obtained from the New Zealand Immigration website:

You are eligible to apply for 6 month job search work permit within 3 months of the date of completion of your course in NZ that gets points under Skilled Migrant Category.

If you get job offer in your relevant area of study then your visa status could be converted to Work Permit or Permanent Residency on your Eligibility based on the Skilled Migrant Category at that time.