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Study Destinations

The USA or the UK, Europe or Australia, Canada or Asia Pacific; Are you finding it difficult and confusing when contemplating these different options? Don’t worry, this is normal. Below is a brief summary of each destination. We hope that this information will be helpful towards making your important decision.

If finance is an issue for you Canada is a good option. Compared to other English speaking countries it is fairly inexpensive for foreign students. On average more than 130,000 students from all over the world come to study in this country every year. The Asian Diaspora in Canada enriches and diversifies the country’s cultural hues and experiences.

Canada provides access to arguably one of the best education systems in the world. It is a harmonic mixture of ecological systems and skyscrapers. Development indicators like population density, crime rate, quality of health care system, availability and freshness of water and other primary life-supporting elements have always fallen in favor of the country’s advantage. This is definitely a good place to be in.

Everyone seems to want to go to the States. The United States is in fact the most popular educational destination for students from all over the world. There are valid reasons for this. Within the United States there are a number of outstanding institutions from which you can choose from. Students are attracted to the:

  Quality of the university facilities
  Global brand recognition of the universities
  Widespread availability of financial aid
  Job market which is very accessible for international candidates
  English speaking environment
  Presence of the Indian Diaspora
  Exciting diversity both in terms of the setting and demographically

There are many diverse locations in this region that Indians have begun to favor. This is, in itself, a statement about both the eclecticism and the general levels of tolerance that can be found in the U.S. Mentioned below are some of the most favored destinations of Indian students.

  The buzzing city of New York is one of the most cosmopolitan destinations in the U.S. It has, arguably, a faster pace of life than any other city on the planet. For those seeking a career in finance this is an ideal destination. It is also great for those who want to experience the social life of a city that never sleeps.
  California is another cosmopolitan destination. Indians are attracted to its’ familiar warm climate as well as its’ relaxed, holiday environment. In an economic context it is an IT hub.
  The vibrant young city of Austin in Texas has become a major destination, both for students and for IT and engineering professionals.
  The ‘Midwest’ is sought by Indians who seek a more wholesome family-oriented environment. The United States is an individualistic region. This destination is appropriate for those of you who value our community and family life and are bound to miss it.

  American society is typically acknowledged as one that rewards enterprise and effort. Many of India ‘s most vibrant and industrious young students and professionals seek to make their way to the U.S. You could be one of them.

There are a whole list of world-renowned artists, thinkers, politicians and business entrepreneurs who have emerged from the United Kingdom. The universities in this region, as a result, have become dream destinations for many international students. Many Indian students dream of getting a scholastic feel of the country at least once in their lifetime. Some of the features of UK education that attract Indian students are:

  Strict quality standards
  Opportunity for interdisciplinary academic pursuits
  A supportive and challenging environment
  The Indian curriculum matches that of the British to a great extent and so students find less adaptability problems while in a UK university
  It recognizes 3-year degree programs of India , while the degree program under the British system itself is also of three years’ duration
  There are post-graduate courses of a one-year duration, which helps international students save both time and money

To gain more information of the benefits of a university in the UK you can go to the British Council office and the British Library. The British Council and the British Library are found in four different cities in India, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai. The British Library is also found in Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Pune and Thiruvananthapuram. In these you will be provided with information about the different educational and training courses that are available. You will also be able to gain valuable information about living in the United Kingdom.

It is also important to contact the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Education, and Government of India as they administer scholarships/fellowships which are being offered by the foreign countries under Cultural Exchange Programs and other schemes. They have details of scholarships on offer for students wishing to study overseas. You will definitely benefit from these as the UK is an expensive region.

The United Kingdom has a sizeable Indian expatriate population. Droves of Indian students every year flock to the UK for studies at every level.

Europe is a romantic mélange of past and present. Every pocket and corner boasts its own distinct culture. You would think it would be a region that we are all at least peripherally familiar with, given our historical ‘ties’. However, much of European education remains an undiscovered domain for many of us. You may be familiar with some of the top institutions. These have an excellent quality.

The problem is that many Indians feel daunted by several uncertainties that surround the possibility of studying in Europe. More often than not, most of these uncertainties tend to be only partially true. Here are some common myths that you should be aware of :

  You have to know multiple languages: A little knowledge about other languages will definitely prove beneficial. A lack of working knowledge of these, however, will not prove to be an impediment. English is widely spoken in many European countries and this is the language you need.

  Getting Work Permits is difficult: This is not true for those who are educated and qualified. Usually, educated and qualified labor will find it as easy to obtain a work permit.

  Cost of Living is pricey: This is true of the metropolises, but then, it is an important characteristic of any metro city in the world. However, in certain countries in Europe there are high taxes. It is a fact that day-to-day expenditure can be more expensive in these than in any other part of the world. You should be aware of these facts and make your decision accordingly.

  Finding Employment is tough: The savvy, enterprising professional who is one step ahead will usually find what he’s looking for. Someone who waits for an opportunity to knock at the door might lose the race. This holds true for a person in any part of the world. Employment opportunities do tend to vary from sector to sector and you should make yourself aware of the facts.

The Bologna Accord

One of the traditional and substantive difficulties for international students in Europe was the lack of uniformity in its education. Undergraduate education and post-graduate education varied in duration depending on the country. As a result they varied in recognition as well. This proved to be a big problem for international students. The Bologna Accord was signed in 1999. It has set standards for uniformity across European education to mirror the Bachelors-Masters system. The Bologna Accord seeks to:

  Create a system of comparable and understandable degrees throughout the European Union

  Establish a clear and standard division between undergraduate and graduate studies

  Promote student mobility among different fields of study, institutions, and nations

  Develop a quality-assurance process and governing body to ensure standard qualifications and quality throughout participating countries

  Define a European focus for higher education

So now don’t limit yourself. If you want to be educated in Europe go for it. You can ward off your worries and attend any course, undergraduate or post-graduate in any part of Europe . It is important to research on the destination that you are interested in before you make your decision.

The Aussies love outdoor life. Their pace and quality of living reflects a sunny, laid-back disposition. Within Australia there are efficient amenities such as public transport systems in the major cities. The Australian lifestyle is a huge attraction for many students. Cities such as Melbourne are rated as amongst the very best in the world to live and work in. From a socio-cultural perspective, Australia boasts significant diversity with a substantial Asian presence, especially Indian and Chinese.

There has been an increase in the popularity of Australia than any other ‘study abroad’ destination for Indians. This is probably due to the aggressive marketing by Australian universities as well as the positive feedback from Indian students who have had firsthand experience of studying in Australia. Much of this feedback reflects satisfaction at various levels –

  The quality of education
  Reduced educational costs
  The lifestyle
  The prospects of finding employment after completing the course

Australia has typically been a popular destination for business studies and the studies of different sciences. Some well known schools are the:

  Australian Graduate School of Management popular for its’ MBA programs
  University of Melbourne Business School-globally recognized for its’ MBA programs
  Australian National University -a prestigious university that is widely recognized
  University of New South Wales-regarded as a strong all round institutions

In addition to these there are many other universities in this region which are beginning to receive international attention. As Australia is fast becoming more popular universities such as the Monish University are emerging to be globally admired.

Australia has high standards of education from which you will surely benefit. For all those who appear under prepared to make their transition from High School to college; a ‘Foundation Year’ is mandatory. This Foundation Year prepares the student for the challenges of the Australian college education. While students might view this as an impediment, this year ensures that you as an incoming international student will get the most out of the education on offer.

The region of Asia Pacific is full of interesting, diverse cultures. Each country within it has a unique attraction.

In the past decade and a half many of these countries enjoyed an impressive economic momentum. Although different countries within this region have had their traditional strengths prominent examples being Singapore and Hong Kong for finance, and China for manufacturing, they have become increasingly diversified in their industry concentrations. The rapid economic growth in different nations in this region has accelerated tremendous changes in the urban landscapes, lifestyles, tastes and preferences. Economic growth is an immense attraction to other nations. There has, as a result, been an increase in global interactivity. This has had a profound impact on Asian education.

There is a strong correlation between economic growth and the increase in the quality and number of educational institutions. Economic growth prompts increased study in ways to sustain this growth and enhance the equitability in the distribution of its benefits. The recent times have seen:

  The emergence of exciting new institutions such as CEIBS

  Existing universities such as the University of Tokyo establishing themselves as among the world’s elite

  Many institutions, that were initially more specialized in their orientation, such as the HKUST, expanding the portfolio of courses they offer

  Institutions such as NTU forging alliances with universities from all over the world

The job prospects after graduating from these institutions is a big concern for Indian students. It is important for you to note that prominent business schools in Asia have effective global alumni networks. You must keep yourself updated on regional cooperative measures. For example, India and Singapore have recently facilitated measures that will make the entry process for migrant workers more streamlined, with a mutual recognition of secondary school and college education.

Prominent Asian educational destinations include:



  AIM Manila


  University of Tokyo