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A good score, a fantastic profile, an excellent admission package and the right financial aid, these are the pre-requisites that you think you would need to fulfill your dream of being a part of an illustrious foreign University. But hold on that’s not enough! From the admission interview to communicating with the faculty and students to settling down in a foreign land, English would be your only medium of interaction. Hence, you need to be well-versed in the language, so that you may express as well understand the language, culture and day-to-day life of a place that would become a home away from for some time to come!

With its Spoken English Program, Alliance Abroad now teaches its students to speak correct English and also instills a confidence in them to stand shoulder to shoulder with their international classmates. With an interactive style of teaching in an atmosphere that not just prepares you to successfully cope with study and life abroad, Alliance Abroad also helps you develop into an individual who can pave his way in a new land and reach his star.

For the program you would take assessment tests which would evaluate your knowledge and grasp of the English language. Based on your assessment results you would be slotted into one of the three levels.

These are:

  • Spoken English – Beginners
  • Spoken English – Intermediate
  • Spoken English – Advanced


Alliance abroad has introduced a special program for young enthusiasts who want to join the Business Process Outsourcing industry, that is, the BPO industry – the Voice and Accent Training program. Alliance abroad realizes that the most important criteria that BPOs mostly look for in their prospective employees are a global accent and voice modulations that would be effective and apt for dealing with international clients. Keeping this in mind Alliance Abroad Voice and Accent Training program offers the best available services for you to become the perfect choice of an employee of the big names in the industry.

The initial step in the program is to help you neutralize the Mother Tongue Influence, MTI. Following which you would be offered valuable training in picking up the global accent and make it your own. This would be done through meticulous coaching by experts and further enhanced by rigorous practice. You would also gain significant insights into multinational cultures and learn the nitty-gritty of the way people interact in the west as well as the right code of conduct.