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NETHERLANDS Visa Application


Work permit for PhD students: Any scientific research is seen as work under the Dutch law. If you are doing your PhD you are an employee of the university, not a student. This is regardless of whether or not a contract exists or a salary is paid



  • Short-stay visa (VKV): This visa is appropriate for a short stay of up to three months
  • Temporary stay visa (MVV): If you wish to stay in the Netherlands for more than three months you need an authorization for temporary stay (MVV). It is extremely important to have this visa before coming to the Netherlands . An MVV is a sticker placed in your passport.
  • Residence permit: In order to extend your stay beyond three months, you need to apply for a residence permit. To do this, you are required to report to the local immigration authorities (Aliens Police) within three days of your arrival. There you will have to present a number of documents and pay a fee.


You need a work permit to work in the Netherlands . The following academic activities are perceived as working: lecturing, doing a student internship or work placement, conducting research, and pursuing a doctorate or PhD from a paid position. The employer must apply for your work permit.

If you have a residence permit for study purposes you may earn money on the side. Such work must be either seasonal (in June, July and/or August) or less than ten hours a week. Your employer must apply for a work permit for you in this case as well.


Procedure : The procedure involves completing an application form and presenting all relevant documents. It will take about three to six months (and is some cases even longer) to process your application. Be sure to apply for your MVV as early as possible. When you apply for an MVV, the diplomatic representative submits a formal request to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands for authorization to issue the MVV to you. In some cases the local office of the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization department is consulted, and on the basis of the collected information a decision is taken. The embassy informs you of the decision.

Fee : When you apply for an authorization for temporary stay, you have to pay a handling fee (administration fee) of € 50.


  • A valid passport
  • a letter or other document from the Dutch host institution stating that you are registered as a student, that you are going to do an internship, that you will be a guest lecturer, or that you are going to do research
  • proof that you are adequately covered by health insurance
  • Proof that you can support yourself financially
  • a copy of the application for a work permit, if applicable
  • documents such as a legalized birth certificate or a certificate of marriage


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